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SHARE // A memorable day outdoors with friends and family.

EXPLORE // natural beauty & wildlife that inspired many award winning books

DISCOVER // A rich heritage, culture and history of a unique

Tasmanian landscape and it's people


Chauncy Vale is a natural reserve, not a place that is set up to care for injured wildlife. Please contact Bonorong Wildlife Hospital & Rescue on 0447 264625 if you need assistance with injured wildlife.

our story

Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary, was established in 1946 and is one of the oldest private conservation areas in Tasmania. 

It was inspiration and home to Nan Chauncy - A multi award winning author of children's adventure novels.


Nan's writing captured a vivid picture of the Tasmanian landscape, it's people and it's living creatures that were "real" life, not the mechanisation and gadgets of modern society.


She wrote to share her love of Tasmania- Her island shaped like a heart.

day dawn: nan chauncy's home

Step back in time and explore a living museum, the Chauncy family home. Discover the simple and sustainable way of life, lived by Nan and Anton Chauncy. 


"A beautiful reminder of the past, that evokes thought about how we often want and take more than we need"


Chauncy Vale is open 8 am to sunset daily, with the exception of days with total fire ban in the Southern Region (check
Entry fee is $2.00 per adult (No charge for children)
For "Day Dawn Cottage", the Chauncy family home, It is necessary to make an appointment.  
Entry fee to day dawn is $2.00 per adult.
For school groups visiting "Day Dawn", there is a $20 fee per group (restricted to 15 at a time).

please note - dogs are not permitted in the reserve

Upcoming Events

At Chauncy Vale, we’re extremely proud of our amazing events and programs and guarantee you’ll have a great and memorable time.

See our events calendar below to find out what’s up and coming and make sure to check back often to never miss out on any of our events.


We can provide an individualised visit or experience package.
See below for what's currently on offer:




$30 per day

A Great space for your next meeting, gathering, workshop or event. The Peter Bird Memorial shelter has a wood heater, meeting table, couches,kitchenette, stove, spacious deck and BBQ. A truly unique secluded and quiet place.

$10 per day

Stay a while longer and explore with our exclusive RV / Campervan site options available overnight. Limited to 4 sites to maintain the ambience of the reserve.

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