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The Wombat Woodland Walk is an attraction for small children.

Chauncy Vale is a great place for wildlife and we want you to experience it in a fun way.

Most of our native wildlife comes out at night, when you're most likely not going to be there. During the day you may see evidence that they're about, namely footprints, burrows and scats.

We've provided a heap of animal sculptures for you to find, some are well hidden so you'll need to look about.

You'll find the Wombat Woodland Walk from the end of the road in Chauncy Vale Reserve.

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We'll continue to add elements to the Wombat Woodland Walk, so you may notice something different every time. At the moment, if you go around the full loop there is a creek crossing to do. Obviously this won't always be possible. Strong flows and even floods are possible. Please only cross the creek at low water flow.

Once across the creek, turn left to head back to the bridge to complete the loop walk.

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Your Wombat Woodland Walk Map

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Look around and work out what is what - print this sheet to help you learn what's about in the bush on the Wombat Woodland Walk - download it by clicking on the wombat logo below

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