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Eleanor Bjorksten - Oatlands August 2019

I recently visited Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary with the Oatlands Garden Group. About 12 of us were met by Graham Green who was on hand to show us around and explain what has been achieved to enhance the appeal of this special place.


I had not visited Chauncy Vale for a couple of years and I was amazed at how attractive the two shelters near the gate have become. One is presently without sides which allows users to see everything around but provides shelter from the rain and sun and has a large bbq facility under the roof. The other has been expanded on 3 sides to cope with large groups. The internal core is locked (unless booked for a period of time) and now has extensive covered verandahs to accommodate a large group of students or bus loads of visitors. Another large bbq was housed here. The internal room has a well-equipped kitchen and a wood fire – which Graham had alight for us so that the room was warm and the kettle was boiling when we arrived. A large beautiful table , craftsman made by Dan Tardy from Silver wattle and blackwood with many chairs and two comfy couches provided a generous place for people to rest and talk.


All the latest improvements are thanks to Graham Green and the Chauncy Vale Management Committee who have done some big-time physical work in the last few years, and has made the visitor precinct area very useful and attractive. This to me is an example of our rates at work achieving a lasting benefit for the community – money well spent. 


Having Graham greet us and show us Day Dawn, the original Chauncy family cottage on site made the day very special. This is where renowned author Nan Chauncy wrote her books and it is now a museum. The passion and genuine interest demonstrated was very much in evidence.


Flat rock in Chauncy Vale has a special place for my family. All my grandchildren have visited this magical small-children creek regularly. The water flows along solid rock and as a natural adventure playground it cannot be beaten. It was even flowing for the garden group in late July.


Make sure you visit this great place which belongs to us.


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