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Southern Midlands Council

Southern Midlands Council has been gifted the Sanctuary, Council's focus until now has  been largely maintaining infrastructure & repair. They also manage a volunteer caretaker program which provides visitor services & a presence on site.


Chauncy Vale Management Committee

Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary is managed jointly by the Southern Midlands Council, Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania, and the TLC. View the management plan here 


Tasmanian Land Conservancy

The TLC is a not-for-profit, apolitical, science and community-based organisation that raises funds from the public to protect irreplaceable sites and rare ecosystems by buying and managing private land in Tasmania.


Wild Care Incorporated

WILDCARE Inc is the largest and fastest growing incorporated environmental volunteer group in Tasmania, with membership of around 6000. Wildcare supports natural and cultural heritage conservation and reserve management throughout the State.

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